Being pregnant means being careful about everything around the environment. There are things to avoid both interior and exterior. It is also the time that parents should discipline and educate themselves from everything that they should know about pregnancy.  

We could not deny that there are parts of our environment that are no longer safe for pregnant women. Many toxins and harmful elements are ready to put the lives of pregnant women and their babies in danger.  

American Lung Association identifies outdoor pollutants like ozone, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, harmful matters, and many more. These pollutants significantly bring a negative impact to the babies and the mothers. It is advisable to spend much time indoors rather than outdoors to prevent complications.  

Spending much of your time at home during pregnancy means that you have to make sure that your place is well-cleaned and free from pollutants. Apart from that, you need to ensure that the air you breathe is clean and free from viruses. Pregnancy is the best time to clear up the debris, dirt, dust, and harmful elements in your HVAC system at home. With the various issues and problems in the HVAC systems at this moment, many companies are assisting homeowners, like  HVAC Cary, NC. The company is qualified for giving commendable services and duties to the one who needs them. 

If you are still undecided, whether to fix and clean your HVAC system at home or not, knowing the impact of not doing so will help you decide right away. 

Here are the effects of poor air quality during pregnancy: 

  1. Having poor air quality in your home will result in low birth weight. Different researches have shown that pregnant women who are prone to pollutions do not have a baby that weighs not lower than 6 pounds and not greater than nine pounds. It is vital to give pregnant women a safe place to live to ensure safe and secure babies.  
  1. Having poor air quality at home might give birth early than we expect. Babies who are born when it is not yet time is prone to physical disabilities. They are also prone to neurological disorders, breathing problems, and many more. It is best to stay away from pollutants and ensure that your place is clean. 
  1. According to the study of Harvard School of Public health, babies who are prone to particulate matter during the third trimester are prone to autism spectrum disorder. It is commendable to let pregnant women stay at home to ensure a safe pregnancy. 
  1. The worst-case that happens to pregnant women who are prone to pollutions is miscarriage. Do not let that happen to you! 

Additionally, spending much time indoors and enjoy a safe environment is the most secure place for pregnant women. In return, the HVAC system should be well-cleaned and free from toxins. Having a well-handled HVAC system will ensure that the air you breathe is safe for your baby. You can call our company for the service that you need, and we will be there quickly!