YOUR WEDDING At First United Methodist Church, St. Augustine, FL

First United Methodist Church is eager to make your wedding a beautiful and memorable occasion.
The following information and policies have been established by our Trustees and Administrative Board to accomplish this purpose.

Before a definite date and time has been set, please telephone the church secretary, or the pastor to make sure the church and the pastor are available. A $150.00 deposit is due upon reservation of the church.

Approach marriage as a Christian, sacred event of life-commitment, and the entire ceremony as a worship experience. As such, we agree to set before our family and friends an example of courtesy, cooperation and sober behavior. We use the basic United Methodist Order of Service. Any variations or innovations as related to the part of the man and woman shall be thoroughly discussed with and approved by our minister.
All persons involved in the wedding shall be at the church no later than 30 minutes before the start of the wedding.

The couple should make arrangements with the pastor for Premarital Counseling at least 4-6 weeks before the wedding date. This is for two reasons: 1. Get acquainted; 2. Discuss marriage responsibilities, concerns and issues. The pastor or couple may request additional sessions.

Because a wedding is a sacred service administered according to the ritual of the United Methodist Church, all music should be appropriate for Christian Worship. Please keep this in mind when you select your music. The regular church organist or a designated substitute shall play for all weddings. Ours will be notified, or if you wish to select your own music, you must contact him personally.

All persons who are to participate in your wedding should be present and on time for rehearsal, no later than 10 minutes past the hour set. This includes the bride and groom, parents of both, bridesmaids, ushers, maid/matron of honor, best man, flower girl, ring bearer, and any other persons taking part in the wedding. The minister must approve the date and time of the rehearsal.

The First UMC provides a wedding coordinator for all weddings. This person is there to assist the minister, care for the church property, and provide direction for the wedding party. You may wish to use your own wedding consultant or director from outside the church. If so, this person will work directly with the church’s coordinator.

~ Persons appearing for the rehearsal or wedding under the influence of alcoholic beverages will cause cancellation of the ceremony in the church.
~ No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises, including the receptions located at First UMC.
~ No smoking in the church buildings; No tacks, nails, pins or screws are to be driven into the walls or furnishings; No rearranging of the Sanctuary and Chancel area.
~ Candles for the Altar are provided by the church; all other decorations such as candelabra, Unity Candle, white aisle runner, flowers, etc. shall be provided by the bride.
~ Non-drip candles must be used!
~ Flowers shall be delivered by the florist in time for the decorations to be completed at least two hours before the wedding – unless other arrangements have been made.
~ Protective cloths or plastic should be placed under all plants containing moisture.
~ No Flash Photography during the Wedding ceremony – only during the processional and recessional from locations designated by the director or pastor. Natural light photos may be taken during the ceremony from the balcony or rear of the sanctuary. Guests may not take pictures during the ceremony. Any portion of the ceremony may be reposed for photographs following the ceremony. No more than one hour is allowed for pictures following the ceremony.
~ Video taping of the ceremony may be done from a stationary position designated by the pastor.
~ On the day of the wedding, the Coordinator arrives at the church two hours before the ceremony to begin preparation and to be available to the wedding party. *If you need to be in the church earlier, then you must make your requests known to the wedding coordinator as the church is not always available or opened.

Sanctuary No Charge
**Wolfe Fellowship Hall No Charge
*Pastor $250.00
*Organist $200.00
*Coordinator $200.00
*Janitor $ 150.00
*Sound Technician $75.00 (operates the sound room, CD player and DVD player; also if need to move any of the sound equipment (speakers, drums, etc.), you will need the services of the Sound Tech.)

Sanctuary – $300.00 – this fee includes 1-2 hour rehearsal max! Also day of wedding the church is open 2 hours before event and allows for 30-45 minutes max of picture taking inside the church following the ceremony. If your event will require extra hours beyond these mentioned, please discuss this with the wedding coordinator as extra fees may be required. Thank you.
**Wolfe Fellowship Hall $200.00
(A $150.00 deposit is due upon reservation of the Church/Fellowship Hall and the balance is due two (2) weeks prior to the date of the wedding.)
*Pastor $250.00 (The pastor’s fees may be subject to change if a different minister is used other than the one from the church – please may sure you check what those fees are)
*Organist $200.00
*Coordinator $200.00 (this fee includes one hour rehearsal and at least 3 hours on wedding day – if you are going to require additional hours then this fee is subject to change)
*Janitor $ 150.00
*Sound Technician $75.00 (operates the sound room, CD player and DVD player; also if need to move any of the sound equipment (speakers, drums, etc.), you will need the services of the Sound Tech.)

*These fees to the pastor, organist, coordinator and janitor are all paid for individually on the evening of the rehearsal. The Wedding coordinator will provide envelopes with each person’s name on it and either cash or a check will be paid to the appropriate person. Also, the Marriage License should be available to the minister at the rehearsal.
** If the Fellowship Hall is used and the janitor is needed for clean up an additional fee of $100.00 will be required.

~ Our church may not be available on certain holidays and/or holiday weekends. If available, the fee schedule is subject to change. Please check with our office for this information.

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